Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 in a nutshell

I've experienced tender cardiac pain , something that gets worse when I listen to Air supply's greatest hits.

I've learned to ignore that annoying pain 

Monday, December 29, 2014

State of non conformity is bullshit.
You and I know this as a fact.
We label every goddamn thing that is in existence.
A great book. A piece of crap.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just another blog update

Dear whatever force out there that could alter my stars, 
please save me a parking spot tomorrow
And my Monday might just be better

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shall I compare thee to the scorching summer's sun , that leaves an ugly burn on the skin.

The way things are right now

Moderately fine.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Morning at work, I walked in rather slowly and crashed on the chair. slammed my fat bag on the desk and trying to smooth down my frizzy hair, I muttered a polite 'morning' to the guy who was standing in front of me. I must look like I had been crying all night watching some foreign movie I didn't understand a shit. I know I clearly look stoned so when the guy gave me a puzzled look I said "crazy night ..out with the friends slept late and you know hangover.." 
He nodded his head " I can't get out of the bed either. My head was super dizzy. I got off from the bed and just crashed down again. I totally blacked out."
I raised my eyebrow. I must be really concerned to do that in a morning I just wanted to bury my face in a pillow, safely of course.  
"low blood pressure, maybe" I tried to diagnose.
 He shrugged, " I don't know and my eye sight got blurry too.."
" That sounds serious. Seen a doctor?" 
He shrugged again, " Its not a bad thing actually. It got blurry when I wore my glasses. and when I took it off I see better."
Sounded too familiar.
" and I suddenly feel more sensitive about things around me.." he continued
I allowed him.
"weird sticky things came out of my wrist..."
I finally got up , rolling my eyes at him and I went for the door.
That was a bit amusing actually.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Today I became a victim of perpetual-article-hopping disorder. You start your search on something that could boost your history knowledge like; how much makeup did Cleopatra wore? and jump to a  link that screams 'click me because I probably contain whatsoever you are not looking for but probably might need to know in order to survive the zombie apocalypse '.
Note that the link does not actually state click me! because if it did I'll probably go all "shit it's a scam or a virus or whatever trojan warrior that may corrupt my system" and I would never click on it. (to the techy people, yesh trojan warrior because that makes more sense)
It's like going to a supermarket with no grocery list, so you walk chuck everything in then after scanning your trolley, trash out some in that line of neatly arranged can of tunas with no remorse or civic consciousness and pretend you're hurrying but still somehow end up buying unnecessary items.
I'm sorry that was a long story to make a point but a point nevertheless. Meaning, I went around google seeking for reading materials that may or may not be useful but certainly not remembered the next day. For what purpose? why did I waste my day off from work over the internet for hours link hopping ?
whyyyyy ??????

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's my off day today
I've been in a company for almost three months. almost
Soon to be confirmed.
My work is not stressful and even if it is , 
It's probably because I cant decide what to have for lunch during workdays.

About my work...
It's a 6 month program basically training me to be in their management team.
Everything is fun except my uniform , the design is well..awful
and doesn't work well with my skin tone. 
I hardly think I can write that as a serious suggestion to the board
so I'm quietly keeping this to myself.
I just need a job to survive boredom and financial crisis 
until I start Masters this coming September.
Plus making friends doesn't hurt either.

Life is pretty blah that I can't tell if it is good or bad.
Other updates would include ; 
-me gaining weight,
and tripping on skipping ropes, attempting to make a difference. 
-I haven't colored my nails for almost two months,
-Oh I got myself a cute car, yet to name it or decide on the gender.
-Then, I secretly got married to a guy I met on the net.
Later, applied for a divorce when I actually  met him.
but turns out our marriage wasn't registered in the first place.
So, phew. It was all in my head.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Say my name

if i'd just stopped thinking for a second and just acted .
for better or worse
I'm wearing the best armor in town
not for a battle
a costume party, more like it

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Have you ever woken up one day
and come to a self-realization that age is catching up
That, the day has come for you, to be a better you
and that you have to do something about it
like something bigger than usual
that your existence on planet earth should
.. not just be about you
but something more ..
and then - you end up walking to a seven eleven store
get snickers and tic tacs
and just ignore that feeling.

confidence built on paper, crush it not

if only I could fall into the bed and sleep so soundly,
it would've been easier, for my wandering mind.

"quit whining " he says , "do something or shut up"

But what would I do? 
What could I possibly do to change.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Every so often I check back on my movie list (compiled from god knows when) and try to watch it, purely for documentation purpose or because I've got no other life besides the ones inside a movie. High Fidelity was among the listed probably because John Cusack was in there and probably because I always fancied him in that iconic boombox scene and that charming all-out-for-love character he played. Needless to say, Say Anything was a simple and sweet movie, the kind that makes your heart feel all cozy. Remember the depressing and famous line, I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen - I broke down to tears right that second. Oh and this trailer has got all the bits that made this movie EPIC.
Of course High fidelity was a far cry from Say Anything, but a good watch and hilarious too. Two favorite scenes; the one where Rob (John) tries to get his friend Barry (Jack Black) to give an honest opinion on what his ex-girlfriend meant when she said 'I have not slept with him yet' by giving an alternative situation to it. and YAY I found that scene in youtube : 
oh and another favorite scene is when Rob explains rationally on why he feels the way he does. I always love it when the lead character gets down on his knee and you know, pop the question but nothing beats this. This right here, is well pretty believable with examples to back it up. 
Oh god I need another movie to watch.
You know just to balance myself, its too cusack-y in here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's been long since I updated this blog.
I even planned to get rid of this one, then I thought...ah so much memories.
Sometimes it bothers me when I reread my older posts and I don't agree with myself.
It annoys me but I couldn't and shouldn't delete it. 
Anyways, I'm back for the semester break and my life in Klang is good.
Instead of just laying on my bed in my self build cocoon,
I went to Penang during thaipusam. It was lively and I took about 700 pictures. 
Yummy food everywhere and if you choose to walk, the streets have amazing stories to share.
pretty streets

Then I went for several political events and paraded my own politics. Just kidding but really when is the election? This will be my first time voting and I'm psyched to cross out tiny boxes.
Besides that, just watched the movie Kadal with my family. Although the story line was nowhere to begin or end, the scenes were picturesque and I adored the music. Good enough for me :)
Later, watched Gone with the wind 1939 on my 15 inch lappy and then slept at 6am. ...and Oh my, Clark Gable would've played James Bond with so much ease in the present day substituting that boring blonde (fine Craig has his moments but I'm more of the Moore fan)
RIP hot stuff

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Notes sprawled over my bed
It's that time of the semester again

Can't wait to go home.
home sweetsugarspice home

Monday, September 17, 2012

you hope.
and then each day things happen
and your hope slowly fades away.
today it ended
all hope. gone
and now
you are truly indestructible

I've got a cold right when I'm starting my first week of classes (note: MY first week)
not sleeping only because I'm sincerely bored of the bed and how rectangle it is...
and when I found out that my first and last class for tomorrow starts at 8pm and ends at 10pm
I guess I'll just give Monday morning a miss.

Friday, September 7, 2012

so I start each day by drinking a cup of coffee,
it's really important that it's hot, frothy (kase tarikk sikit) and sweet
it's almost the only reason why I wake up in the mornings
because I know that it's out there...for me

See if you have something like that to motivate you to wake up everyday
when you have nothing else remotely interesting going on, it's all good

The problem is when you get too attached to your coffee
to the point that if the coffee were a guy , you'd marry it.
and get matching tattoos, all the katyperry shits

and then somehow one fine day;
your daily dosage of coffee suddenly gets cut off, poof.gone.lost
like electricity when the bills are not paid
.the lights when the electricity is gone
and now imagine your footsteps when the lights are out.

so yeah, suddenly there is no coffee.

It's going to be tough you know
waking up...
to this reality.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Today was beautiful
I met my good friends from high school
had a movie date with the guys from the Soda outlet
and I got the new apartment hostel
and; an awesome room mate ( suyin :)

so much good things all parcelled in a day
yet one incident
can make you feel so hollow in the inside
that if you try to smile
you would probably cry too.

> the last two lines . I definitely belong in the theater.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I was supposed to revamp a part of my living room but instead I played with an old internal security act book. I got this piece of artifact from, Mr.S , the senior lawyer I was working with during  my intern. He explained that way back, the act books came with additional papers along with the provisions for the lawyers to take notes  (and all I was thinking was ...or sketch). The modern day act books are pretty boring with solid colors as covers. I find it less appealing.I know.., I should stop judging the covers. Anyways Mr.S was just about to throw away this act book when I rescued it from the bin. I loved how antique it looked but blue? irk.

so I decided to turn it into this ( just to make it a tad more appealing. The only drawback is that I cut of its years, losing the antique appeal to it. )
I used a bunch of cosmetics, white paint and pvc glue .
for which my mom commented: looks like you dropped it in a pail of paint.
Anyways, it has been a long time since I updated, and I wasn't even busy. Nothing much has happened. I got over the exams, I'm back in Klang and my internship in the firm was pretty okay. My results will be out soon and  I'm already weeping.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Malaysia's Largest Car Marketplace

I’m not going to be dependent on public transportation for the rest of my life. I mean having a driving license for 5 years; I should be roaming around the streets of Terengganu with my wheels. Time after time I get a glimpse of my dream car and I get disappointed of how my license is stacked along with one of the business cards. I just want to drive some cool wheels, get stopped by a policeman, looking like a minor and you know just wave to him my pretty license on his face. You know utilize it. All my gibberish aside, I googled Malaysia cars to find some very interesting wheels I may or may not be able to get the end of next year….. Or the following year. I know that’s a pretty long time but in order to set goals, it should be realistic. So, I found this new site; carsifu.com and it is some awesome place to realize my dreams. This site is packed with a diverse range of cars from Porsche to Peroduas. It’s totally way ahead in the car sales department and you are bound to find one that matches your criteria. The site is pretty decent, easy and with minimal adverts. I would probably rate it 9 over 10 for its choices and simple design. Also, the prices are pretty reasonable for used cars. Plus, I don’t mind second hand cars so long they are in good working conditions and it would be best if they are accident free. To help you decide, you can check out the relevant details posted on this site and even contact the seller for further information. I’ve been online window shopping for the past three hours and fantasizing each car to the extent of imagining cute darth vader bobble head on the dashboard. Anyways, I’ll be keeping my eyes on this site, and do some serious financial planning. What are goals if you don’t have a lined up plan on how to get there, right?